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Best real estate virtual tour software

I am workiing in a company that relies a lot on working with images, pictures of all kinds and of course, when working with images, the picture quality is alwaus very important. This is why we are using cutting edge software and another reason that we are doing that is that we cannot afford to loose much time with software that does not work properly, or on software that has poor support.

Now, in this industry - and I mean the real estate industry there are a lot of money, which means that also the technology has to move very fast in order for us to be able to keep the pace with our competition, that has more loyal customers (may be I forgot to tell you, but we are a pretty new company, that managed to develop quite well in the last 5 years) but if we look at our competitors, those are real dinosaurs, with more than 50 or in some cases 100 years of presence in this local market.

So we had to bring some very nice features on the table to be able to compete with them and this is the reason that made our software strategy a most crucial one, as in the face of our customers we needed a clear advantage at least in ana rea.

And I am going to only give you one example related to a certain software solution that we are using in order to improve our performance regarding what we are delivering to our clients, and this would be the virtual tour software -> Tour Wizard - that simply putted is the best solution of his kind on the market, very flexible, with great supoprt and very easy to use even for non specialist people or with people that are not so well accustomed with the IT technology.

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